Eating Alone

How To Get A Child To Start Eating Alone

Children change and evolve by leaps and bounds, but as they get older, there are also aspects that they prefer not to advance because it is more comfortable for them to do it for them, such as eating themselves as adults. You may try all the foods for your child to eat and discover a whole world of flavors. Some of these flavors will be accepted by him and others will not.

If your child does not want to eat or he hardly likes anything, it is more than likely that you feel a certain desperation or desire to see your child eat properly and that at last, he can be well fed. You may get angry and yell at him when he does not eat well or when he leaves half the plate, but although that anger is the result of your concern about his diet, it is not the right way.

Parents are responsible for feeding their children, that is, what they eat at all times. So that the little ones do not feel that food is something imposed or that it is an unpleasant moment of the day, it is better that mealtime is taken care of so that children learn to enjoy this moment and that their relationship with food is the right one. Afterwards, it is a good option for the children to decide how much to eat without the parents having to interrupt.

Children are hardwired for survival, with one very limited exception, infants and toddlers will eat anything if allowed to arrive hungry enough. With this knowledge, it is necessary to make some decisions so that children learn to eat alone, which will work even for the most demanding child diner.

If You Don’t Like Something, Please Don’t Put A Substitution

There are parents who, if they realize that their children are not eating the foods on the table well, they run to make them their favorite food to watch them eat: this is not a good way. For a child to learn to eat, he can be told to eat what he liked best of the food on the table but that there will be no substitution. If you do not want to eat anything, before going to bed you can have a natural yogurt, but nothing else.

There will be days that you will eat more and days that you will eat less, but don’t worry about that. Your child will be well fed if there is enough food on the table.

Give It Control, Within Limits

Children like to feel in control of what happens around them, also with regard to their diet. Let them choose their own place to sit and give them a chance to feed themselves. It is complicated, he will probably play with food or even food will fall on the ground, but you will be surprised how in this way he will start to eat more food than perhaps he previously rejected.

This does not mean that you should give him full control. For example, if you have inappropriate behaviors with food or at the table, the food will be taken away from you for a few minutes the first time and the second (or third) you will not eat. But you do not have to do this without warning him, you have to let him know so that he has control to decide if he wants to have a good behavior or if he does not care if he does not eat.

If you have more children, these measures will also help prevent bad behavior from influencing others, since sometimes siblings can imitate negative behavior.

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